Dr Gerard Pauley is a clinical psychologist with 16 years' experience. He has worked in Adult Mental Health in Australia, England and New Zealand and in a range of Community Mental Health Services in both urban and rural settings. Gerard has the most experience in the area of adult mental health, but has some experience working well with adolescents. He has experience working with both men and women.

Specialties or Areas of Interest: Gerard has worked in specialist clinics for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Eating Disorders and has specialist knowledge in both areas. He has extensive experience and success in working with people with most types of anxiety disorder and depression.

Treatment Approaches: Gerard has training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and also has specialist skills in using Mindfulness skills and Compassion Focussed Therapy. His diverse range of skills and knowledge typically mean that he can offer most people a number of different strategies that they might find useful. Although acknowledging the importance of the therapeutic approach, he strongly believes that the working relationship between him and the client is also extremely important to therapy outcome.

Available Locations: Gerard is available to see clients in Hamilton and Te Awamutu.